Centre of Excellence for Digital Preservation

DIGITĀLAYA (डिजिटालय): Digital Records Management & Archival System

Centre of Excellence for Digital Preservation - Project Overview

 Centre of Excellence for Digital Preservation is the flagship project under the National Digital Preservation Programme of Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India. This project is awarded to Human-Centred Design & Computing Group, C-DAC Pune, India. It's objectives are as under:

  • Conduct research and development in digital preservation to produce the required tools, technologies, guidelines and best practices.
  • Develop the pilot digital preservation repositories and provide help in nurturing the network of Trustworthy Digital Repositories (national digital preservation infrastructure) as a long-term goal
  • Define the digital preservation standards by involving the experts from stakeholder organizations, consolidate and disseminate the digital preservation best practices generated through various projects under National Digital Preservation Programme, being the nodal point for pan-India digital preservation initiatives.
  • Provide inputs to Department of Electronics & Information Technology in the formation of national digital preservation policy and strategy by identifying and selecting the activities for the National Digital Preservation Programme.
  • Spread awareness about the potential threats and risks due to digital obsolescence and the digital preservation best practices.

The initiatives of Centre of Excellence for Digital Preservation were showcased at UNESCO's Memory of the World in Digital Age Conference during 26-28 September 2012 at Vancouver, Canada.

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